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How do I change my DialUp Number on my computer ?

In order to change the DialUp number that you use to access Trip.Net, please follow these instructions. Click Here for the list of current DialUp Numbers.

Locate and double-click on the "My Computer" icon My Computer Icon on your desktop.

When the My Computer window opens, you should see an icon for Dial Up Networking. Dial Up Networking Icon If not, try to click on the Start button, then Settings, and then look for the Dial Up Networking icon.

After you've double-clicked on the Dial Up Networking icon, you should see a screen that looks like this:

Dial Up Networking window, showing Make New Connection and Trip Net icons

In the window, there will be an icon labeled "Make New Connection" and then an icon for your connection to Trip.Net. It may be labeled "Trip.Net", or it may have been labeled with another name. Once you've located the icon for your Trip.Net connection, move the mouse pointer over it and then Right-click on it so that you see the following menu:

Dial Up Networking window, showing what happens when you right click on the icon

Choose "Properties" from the menu that appears by left-clicking on it. After left-clicking on the word "Properties", you should see the following screen:

Main DialUp Networking Properties window

Check that you have the settings like the picture here, with no numbers entered into the box labeled "Area code" and no check in the box labeled "Use area code and Dialing Properties". Next, click in the box labeled "Telephone number" and enter your Dial Up Number exactly as it has to be dialed on your telephone. For example, if you have a Dial Up Number of 832-241-9441, you will want to enter "8322419441" into the box, since you need to dial the 832, but you do not need to dial a "1" first. If you live within an area where the area code does not need to be dialed, you do not need to enter it into the box.

Main DialUp Networking Properties window with telephone number highlighted

Once you've entered your Dial Up Number into the box, click on the "OK" button at the bottom of the screen, and then close the Dial Up Networking window. The next time you connect to Trip.Net, your computer should be using the new Dial Up Number.

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