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I am not receiving e-mail from certain sources, what could be the problem?

As part of the network upgrade that Trip.Net has recently undergone, our mail servers were physically moved from one location to another. Whenever you move a machine that is permanently connected to the internet, Network Solutions, the company that keeps track of all .com, .net and .org domains on the internet, needs to be notified.

In much the same way as the telephone system works, when you change your phone number, the phone company needs to update the records that they have under your name. We have notified Network Solutions of the 'change of address' for our mail servers, and they have updated their information. However, other ISP's such as AOL, MSN, Earthlink, etc. may not have updated their information as of yet. (ISP's get their information from Network Solutions. Since there are a great number of web sites and other computers that are connected to the internet, the listing of them is huge and can take some time to be updated.) The delay between the time that a server's address changes and the time that an ISP's information has been updated is known as "TTL", or "Time To Live". Many of the major providers' TTL is 48-72 hours, but others may take much longer.

Again, referring to the phone number change, if you change your phone number, no one will know the new number until a new phone book is published. The time between the publication of each new phone book can be described as the "TTL" of the phone numbers. If someone is using an older phone book to try to call you, they will not be able to get through until they receive a new phone book and get the correct number. The current situation with the e-mail is the same - people on other ISP's are trying to send e-mail to an older address and it is therefore being bounced back. Once their ISP receives the new 'phone book' from Network Solutions, they will be able to send mail to you.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to expedite the process. We have notified Network Solutions of the change in location of our servers, and it is now up to the other ISP's to update their information. If you are not receiving any error messages when you attempt to receive your e-mail, then the settings on your computer should be correct. You may want to double-check them by following the directions on this page.

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