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Please select from the following common questions for the answer:

What is the technical setup and server information for Trip.Net?

IP Address Server-Assigned, leave blank.
Primary DNS Server *
Secondary DNS Server *
Incoming Mail Server (POP3) mail.trip.net
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) mail.trip.net
News Server (NNTP) news.trip.net
Gaming Server Currently Offline
* DNS Servers are automatically assigned when you log in to Trip.Net, it is not necessary to enter them into your Dial Up Networking unless you cannot surf once logged in.

Why is my modem getting NO DIAL TONE?
  1. The most obvious cause is that your telephone line is loose or not connected to your modem. Double check to make sure. 
  2. A common problem is plugging your telephone line into the wrong jack on your modem. Many modems have two jacks, one for the telephone line and one for a telephone handset. On some of these modems (e.g., USRobotics), you won't be able to get a dial tone or be able to use the modem if you plug the telephone line into the telephone handset jack. Double check to make sure. 
  3. Another common problem is that some other device on the same telephone line (e.g., a telephone answering machine) is off-hook. Double check to make sure that all other devices are on-hook. 
  4. There may be a problem on your telephone line. Make sure that you can get a dial tone on a telephone handset connected to and through your modem when the modem (or computer in the case of an internal modem) is turned off.
How do I turn off Call Waiting?
  1. To temporarily disable Call Waiting for a single out going call, there is often a special code that can be dialed before the phone number. With tone dialing service, this special code is usually "*70" (e.g., instead of dialing say "555-1212", you would dial "*70,555-1212", with the comma being used to signal your modem to insert a brief pause between the special code and the phone number); with pulse dialing service, this special code may be "1170". Check with your local phone company to be sure. Better communications programs have an option to insert the special code automatically.
  2. On the other hand, you may actually want Call Waiting to interrupt a data or fax call, so that you do not miss an important incoming call. However, some modems will not be disconnected by the "beep," and there may be no possible work-around. Also some modems will disconnect for an incoming call but by the time you pick up the phone to talk to the person calling you, the person has already hung-up. There is sometimes a lag of 5-10 seconds for the modem to disconnect
Will adding new equipment such as a modem affect my settings?
  1. The answer is yes! Different operating systems will reset different settings in your computer. 
  2. The best thing to do is to go over your setup procedures to make sure all the settings are still there and correct. 
What is ISDN and is it for me?
  1. ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) provides up to 2-4 times the speed of V.34 over a standard local telephone line by using digital, rather than analog, signals. To use ISDN you will need special, expensive equipment. A problem is that ISDN transmissions are typically not compressed; as a result, with compressible data the speed of a V.34 modem is often comparable to a single ISDN channel. 
  2. ISDN service is almost twice as expensive as normal Dialup services. Also, equipment is quite costly and there is usually a hefty installation charge for ISDN. You should call Southwestern Bell and ask how much they charge for this service. For our prices on ISDN service please go here
  3. Although ISDN is a digital transmission medium, there are some ISDN products that will also allow you to connect to conventional analog modems (e.g., USR Courier I-modem with ISDN/V.34, ZyXEL Elite 2864I, and ZyXEL Prestige 2864I). 
  4. Microsoft has released the "ISDN Accelerator Pack" for Windows 95, which enables Windows 95 to make Dial-up Network connections over ISDN lines. 
How do I use my free web space?
  1. When you create a web site with your free web space, your home page address is as follows: http://www.trip.net/~username
  2. To create a home page, you need to upload files to your web folder. A web page consists of an HTML file, which contains the text and instructions on where to display images, and any related image files (in *.JPG or *.GIF formats).
  3. To configure your FTP program to send files to your personal home page, use the following information:

    Server Name: www.trip.net

    User Name: Your Trip.Net User Name

    Password: Your Trip.Net Password

    All other settings should be fine as they are, do not change any other settings in your FTP program. When you log in to the server, you should see a folder labeled "html". This is where you need to put all of the files for your web site. Any files not put into this folder will not be added to your web site. You have 5MB of storage which you can use to build your web site. Make sure that the file for the first page on your web site is called "index.html".
  4. For more information on creating web sites, please try the following sites: NCSA Guide to HTML, HTML Primer (Great resource) and CNet's Builder.com.
How do I save images from the net?
  1. Windows Users  - To save GIF and JPEG images to disk, click the image with the "right" button of your mouse. From the Pop-up box, select "Save this image as". You can then enter the path where you want to save the image. 
  2. Mac Users - Follow the above directions, but instead of using the "right" button hold down the mouse button while the pointer is over the image. Choose "Save as..." from the Pop-Up box and then go to the location where you wish to save the image. 
How can I configure and use Internet Chat?
  • You need to have an IRC ( Internet Relay Chat ) program like the program mIRC
  • If you already have mIRC, you can go to the IRC FAQ page for all the information on the use of mIRC. (page takes a long time to load) Below is the configuration specification for mIRC. 
    1. mIRC setup and configuration
    2. Click the IRC Servers tab. 
    3. Type in your Real name and E-Mail address. 
    4. Type in a Nick Name and an Alternate Nick Name. 
    5. Highlight the IRC server you would like to go to or click add to type in an IRC server. 
    6. Click Connect to try to establish a link to the selected IRC server. 
How can I change my username or password?
For security reasons, Trip.Net does not allow customers to change their passwords online. If you have forgotten a password, or wish to change it, please call us toll-free at 1-800-473-5707 and be prepared to verify information about your account in order to change your password. The user name that you selected when you first signed up with Trip.Net is like an account number, and is difficult to change. If you need another e-mail address, we can certainly add it for you. For extreme cases, the primary user name can be changed. Contact us at the toll-free number for assistance.

Why do I keep getting a box asking for my password when I try to login to Trip.Net or my e-mail?
There are two possilbe explanations. First, you may be entering either your username or password incorrectly. Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive, meaning that you have to use capital and lowercase letters as you have specified for your username and password. For example, if your password is "love", "LOVE" or "Love" will not be accepted. Also, any spaces before or after your username or password will cause it to be rejected.

The second possibility is that you have been locked out of the account due to non-payment. Please contact us toll-free at 1-800-473-5707 to find out the status of your account.

What can I do when I get "Page Cannot Be Displayed" when trying to visit my favorite web site?
If you are receiving a "Page Cannot Be Displayed" error with one web site only, either you have entered the page URL incorrectly or the web site itself is down. Make sure that you are entering the "http://" in front of the web address, and if necessary, the "/" at the end of the web address, for example: "http://www.trip.net/". If you are receiving the "Page Cannot Be Displayed" error for every web site that you visit, either you are in "Offline" mode, or your computer did not receive the DNS server information. If it has worked before, try restarting your computer and dialing in again. If this is your first time using Trip.Net, please contact us at 1-800-473-5707 for further instructions.

Why is the new Dial Up number for my town a long distance number?
The "832" area code may be strange to some customers who have never encountered it before. It was developed to handle the overflow of requests for new telephone numbers in this region, with all of the new cell phones and pagers being sold. We have made arrangements with the local phone service providers so that the numbers that are listed are local from your area.

The fastest way to determine which numbers are local and which are long distance is to dial the number on your telephone. If an operator message asks you to "dial a one before calling this number", then the number is long distance, otherwise it is a local call.

If you verify that the number listed for your area is long distance, first see if a number listed for a nearby town is different than the one listed for your town. If it is a different number, try to call that number. Otherwise, please contact us at 1-800-473-5707 so that we can determine what the nature of the problem is.

Why can't my friends/family/associates reach my email?
As part of the network upgrade, all of Trip.Net's servers were physically moved, causing them to need new addresses on the internet. (These addresses are known as 'IP' addresses) In order for email to be delivered properly, your friend's/family's/associate's internet service provider needs to have the correct address to send it to. This information is updated on a regular basis, but depending on their provider, it could be 7 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours or as long as a week. (Many ISPs simply do not have the bandwidth to update such a huge database every day)

They will be able to reach your email as soon as their ISP gets the updated information. There is nothing that can be done to expedite the process.

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