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We at trip.net believe that the internet is more than just checking e-mail or news. We believe that every time a trip.net user logs on it should be a fun experience. Experiences to start the day, relax after work, or fill that late night insomnia. Trip.net provides unlimited access to whatever the world has to offer, or to whatever our users choose to explore. We will even help by providing point and click access to news, weather, sports, shopping, games, internet search engines, and more uninterrupted options than any other ISP in Texas.

How does it all work? Good Questions. Our user to port ratio is 6 to 1, much lower than the Internet standard of 15 to 1, or the 35 to 1 ratio maintained by most national providers. As our user base grows, we are prepared to quickly expand our capacity.

The trip.net network architecture provides for not just one, but three backbone bandwidth providers. In addition to our own regional data network, the trip.net network is connected into Savvis, Quest, and Cable & Wireless (via T3 and T1 lines). What this means to our users is that the bandwidth needed to surf fast and download quickly will always be available. In addition to our reliable network, , trip.net is one of the few Texas ISP's to provide high-speed DSL (where available).

Trip.net provides choice, options, and fun, all tied up in one cool name. We are dedicated to our users and to the businesses that choose the hippest ISP in Texas.

Sign up today and take a trip on the net with trip.net

The world is waiting....

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